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WebTV® introduces a new service--WebTV® Plus. Integrating television with the Internet, the WebTV® Plus System brings television and the Internet together to make TV more exciting than it's ever been. Using the WebTV® Plus Receiver, WebTV Plus offers all the great features of the WebTV Network™, plus features such as Web Home, WebPIP™ and TV Crossover™ Links.


There are just to many features to mention, we recommend you visit their website www.webtv.com and explore all the options available to you. We have a WebTV unit on display at our Store, we invite you to come visit and someone will give you a live demo.


P.D. Computers charges $10 per month for the ability to dial in to a local number to receive your Web-TV access. Web-TV charges $14.95 per month for their portion of the access. P.D. Computers, Inc. is not responsible for Web-TV's portion of the access or the units themselves.